Dr Natalie Flatt, PhD

Natalie is a psychologist and the general manager of onpsych AUSTRALIA, a service which has provided over 70,000 hours of psychological service and professional development workshops over the past 10 years.

Natalie is a psychologist passionate about making a shift towards positive mental health in the community; spending her academic life working and lecturing in anxiety, phobias, counselling, parent training, behaviour and social related difficulties in children and adolescents.

Natalie transitioned from pure academia into the professional working environment by committing herself to bridging the gap between young people in need and high quality (no cost) mental health care services, taking the best practices from academia and applying them to her professional working attitude.

Her therapeutic work offers practical, evidence-based solutions to assist young people to overcome a wide variety of difficulties, ensuring ongoing emotional resilience, wellbeing, and improved self-confidence.  Throughout this time, she has presented to many parents, principal networks, staff and wellbeing teams on an array of topics, using both academia and personal experience to create a collaborative approach focus to intervention.

Natalie has recently moved into Employee Assistance Programs to aid small companies in organisational structure, and managing mental health issues to employees. Her workshops also revolve around managing mental health and identifying mental health issues.