Interview coaching

Either as part of your integrated, individualised personal branding programme or just as a single activity where you told us that you’re a bit rusty on, our interview coaches will give you the care you need in order to step into that HR manager’s office with a healthier level of confidence.

So, you have been successful in selling yourself on paper and you have been invited to that much-desired job interview. We all know that selling yourself on paper is one thing, however, selling the you – that you have so perfectly described in your resume and cover letter – in a face-to-face interview requires a very different skill set.

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

About fifty percent of any successful job interview comes down to preparations. Researching the ins and outs of the job you have applied for is not enough. HR managers expect you to know more than just the job. They want you to tell them what you know about the organisation, its structure, the products and services and yes, even the industry they’re in.

In the HR manager’s office

Now, whilst you’re busy answering their questions, a good HR manager has the capability to both generously listen to your answers but also see how you are handling yourself during the interview. What you say is just as important as how you say it. Your tone of voice, your choice of words, and your intonation will paint an even more in-depth picture of the brand you.

If that wasn’t enough, HR managers look at body language, which, believe it or not, starts at how you enter the room and introduce yourself until the moment you leave the office and thank them for their time.

Role play and feedback

Our interview coaches can advise you on these matters, how to research an organisation, how to answer the standard and competency questions, and how to control your body language. During this session, we role play and rehearse the interview, give you the feedback and provide you with skills and techniques that will increase your chances of outperforming your direct competition.

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