Resume and cover letter writers

Writing a CV or resume has become an art form.

Resumes vary depending on business, industry, and culture, but every resume has one goal –

to awaken the curiosity of an HR manager who has the power to give you the job

So how do you do that when we know an HR manager reads each resume for an average of only 7 seconds?

Personal Branding

We offer an Integrated approach to developing brand “you” that includes Cover Letter, Resume & LinkedIn Profile

How it works:

It starts with a personal session where we get the know the person behind that list of qualifications, skill sets, and experience. Most importantly we want to know where do “you” want to go from here?

Together we’ll develop a resume that greatly improves your chances of getting shortlisted for that next role.

Levels of resume writer services

  • Graduate or entry-level resumes
  • Editing or re-designing existing resumes
  • Developing new resumes
  • Sector-specific resumes
  • Executive resumes
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Cover letters

Get Started

Organising a session with us is probably one of the best investments that you will make in “you”Contact us today to update brand “you”.
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