Video CV or Cover Letter

Not for everyone or every type of job, we know that.

However, it is a proven instrument in Europe where people applying for certain positions a video CV or cover letter can increase your chances of being shortlisted.

Indicating in your resume that you have excellent people skills, or that you’re very good at instructing someone or a team, or that you speak a different language is one thing.  It is very unfortunate that you can’t always show this to an HR manager or recruiter.  The first question you should ask yourself is; should you make a video CV or not?  Would it benefit you and the role you are after?  These are important questions that you would want to discuss with our team first.


Anyone who wants to get an interesting job has to stand out.  A video CV will allow you to present yourself in an unconventional way.  In addition to the proven skills you have on paper, making a video CV can demonstrate your soft skills and personality.  A video CV uses new technologies and serves as an interesting showcase for your work experience, educational paths, future plans, etc.

Video resumes allow you not only to showcase your achievements in a professional sector but also to show your personal competence, which may be attractive to new employers.  Additionally, a video CV will make you stick in the mind of recruiters and therefore, get you more job offers. The fact that you took the time to present yourself before a camera gives the impression that you’re highly motivated to work and willing to try new solutions.

New to Australia

Although it is still very new to Australia more and more employers are receptive to the idea of viewing a video CV.

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So, talk to our team about how video CVs can be beneficial for you and what the next steps are.
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